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At Sound Piano Services, our philosophy begins with a simple commitment to provide the finest in total piano care. It is a commitment to core principals and values that say it is not enough for your piano to just make a sound. We believe a piano should be a solace at the end of a long day, a tool on the road to musical mastery – truly, a discovery of musical passion! Whether you simply play for your own enjoyment, are a child starting your musical journey or an artist pursuing an advanced solo career, we would be honored to make sure you get the absolute best out of your piano. Utilizing many of the same skills and techniques as in preparing concert pianos, Sound Piano Services is dedicated to exceeding your expectations as we address your piano’s needs.


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Repairs: From sticking keys to broken pedals, we have the expertise to get your piano back to full health!

Voicing: The adjustment of tone can make an enormous difference in how a piano sounds. If your piano sounds too bright or “tinny” or perhaps it has lost some of the richness it once had, voicing can breathe new life into the once beautiful tone of your instrument. For more information on voicing, see this PTG Techical Bulletin.

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Regulating: Equally as important as how the piano sounds is how it feels. The piano’s keys are attached to a mechanism made up over 8,000 wood, metal and felt parts. They must be regulated and adjusted to work efficiently together in order to allow perfect control over dynamic range and quick repetition. If your piano is difficult to play, let us explain how regulating the action might be the answer to bringing joy back in your practice or performance sessions. To read more about action regulation, see this PTG Technical Bulletin.

Tuning: Truly the heart and soul of proper piano maintenance, tuning is what ties all other aspects of service together. The more than 200 strings in a piano exert an average of twenty tons (forty thousand pounds) of tension on the piano's structure. By adjusting this tension on each string, a piano is set to a standard pitch which is critical for a young student’s training or playing with other instruments. Tuning is usually the first area to be compromised throughout the year and the last aspect checked before we leave the instrument. A piano can play with ease, feel consistent to the touch and have beautiful tone . . . but if it is out of tune no one will enjoy listening to it. Manufacturers consistently recommend a minimum of two tunings per year for homes and higher frequencies for pianos under greater performance or teaching constraints. For further details on the subject of tuning, please see this PTG Technical Bulletin.


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Reconditioning: Years of wear on a piano slowly begins to deteriorate those parts which have made it such a joy to hear and play. Before it gets to the point of needing a full restoration, let us work with the existing parts, conditioning them to gain a little more time.

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Rebuilding: A quality piano will give decades of enjoyment. However, there will come a day when worn out and aged components can no longer be effectively serviced. When that day comes, we will be there to provide complete and total restoration. From your family heirloom to full concert grands, we can make sure your piano gets the attention it deserves. Whether it needs a new soundboard and full key touch weight analysis or simply new strings and hammers, we are dedicated to restoring your piano to its like new condition.

Concert Services: As a certified piano technician, I have provided concert services for performances or recording sessions with artists such as Sir Elton John, Andre Watts, Gary Graffman, Hilary Hahn, Lynn Harrell, Donald Runnicles, Valentina Lisitsa, Chris Botti, the show, “From the top” and more. We welcome the opportunity to provide the necessary technical support for your concerts.

Humidity Control: Did you know one of the most common reasons for tuning instability is humidity fluctuations? One of the most important areas to extend your piano’s life is proper humidity control. Your piano is made mostly of wood which is constantly expanding and contracting with any humidity and temperature changes. In addition to making recommendations for more appropriate placement in your room, we can also customize humidity control systems to your specific piano for the ultimate protection. For more information about proper humidity control, please see this PTG Technical Bulletin.

Institutional Services: The rigorous demands of institutional and concert use can put tremendous strain on the piano’s ability to perform at its peak. We will map out a service schedule customized to each piano's demand, making sure that when it is called on to perform, your piano is ready!

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