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...there are no legal, industry or training requirements for becoming a piano technician or piano rebuilder? So, how do you know if your technician can competently service and maintain your piano? One way is to see what their customers say. Another is to look at their training and experience. We believe one of the best ways of making sure we are prepared to keep pianos sounding their best is to seek training with the manufacturers that make them. While only a few offer programs for technicians, through the years we have been honored to be among those chosen to participate. Locations Visited for Factory Training or Technical Tours:

Steinway & Sons – Long Island, New York

Bösendorfer – Vienna, Austria

Yamaha – Buena Park, California

Schimmel – Braunschweig, Germany

Registered Piano Technician, Piano Technicians Guild

Randy Potter School of Piano Technology

Advanced Training Seminar



“. . . his work is unsurpassed."

“I cannot recommend anyone more highly.”

“If you value your piano highly, I recommend you call Sound Piano Services.”

David R. White

Artistic Director and Conductor

Georgia Boy Choir

W. Irwin Ray, Jr., D.M.A.

Former Director of Music
Oglethorpe University

Scott Atchison

Music Director/Organist Peachtree Road United Methodist Church

At Sound Piano Services, we realize that your piano is more than just a beautiful piece of furniture. It is your instrument, worthy of receiving the highest attention to detail, and we believe you should get the most out of every moment spent, every key played! From basic tuning and repairs to full restoration and concert preparation, our services are designed to make your piano sound and play its very best.

Sound Piano Services covers the Greater Atlanta Area. Our clients include the Murray Arts Center in Kennesaw, The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in the heart of Atlanta and all the way down to LaGrange College and Symphony Orchestra in LaGrange. Due to our wide service area, we thank you for your patience as we schedule geographically. While we will always try to accommodate emergency requests, this method allows us to keep our costs competitive while maintaining our high standards of excellence. Contact us today!

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